Alarm systems

Incatex OÜ offers its clients consultations in the field of technical protection, project planning, montage and service of security systems. we do have rich experience of work with following systems:

Burglar alarm systems

Fire alarm systems

Security and technological video and audio surveillance systems (CCTV)

Security and technological thermographic systems

Access controll and work time accounting systems

Home automatics and “smart houses”


Any change and/or improvement of currently available security system demand prior consultation with specialists in the area of expertise. We do give such consultation on your object. We estimate and check your current equipment. If needed, we offer exchange and/or improvement of security system. We help you to chose optimal offer on Estonian market of protection and security and will help in differentiation of available offers of other companies and their services.

Security system project planning

In order to gain optimal protection of yourself and your property and to learn how to be effective in this area, you need to find and estimate available and needed technical solutions. This can and should be done already during the phase of planning. If you have the proper documentation it is easier and cheaper to organize proper maintenance later and also adequately compare market solutions. Our company has all necessary licences in the Estonian  registry of authorizations and notifications.


Our company offers montage and adjustment of security systems, including installation works. Only products of leading companies in this area, such as FOXSEC, INNER RANGE, PARADOX, DSC, YOGA, TEXECOM, JABLOTRON, BENTEL, JUNO NET is used by our company. If needed, we offer training and schooling of your staff and also write necessary documentation, manuals etc. We offer our services as in Estonia as abroad.


In order to keep current equipment up to date and running, we offer proper maintenance services, one at a time and also on the time-table base.

Since proper technical maintenance is demanded by law and is required to owners of buildings, we offer extra services to keep those work properly scheduled using specially developed electronic system. Using this system will guarantee you properly scheduled maintenance works depending on your desires on your objects.