Video registration systems nowadays – segment of security market with fastest development. Our specialization is project planning and montage of security and technological video registration systems of any complexity. Our main customers are large industrial factories, fuel terminals (explosion dangerous areas too) and seaports. We offer also solutions for medium and small business.
Properly planned and installed and used video registration system is a key element of your security. Modern security video systems used digital video processing, which guarantees highest quality of recording and data transmission. Following features are offered:

car identification number recognition

visitors count (in market places)

automatically detection of left items

“intellectual” defense of properties and areas

many more other

Most of our video systems are based on IT technology and digital components. This allows to control the system and operate any of its cameras via pc or smartphone over internet. We offer our clients solutions and equipment made by HikVision, Visar, Dahua, Infinity, Samsung, Panasonic, Luxriot, E-Vidence, Videotec and especially from top market leader Avigilon.